Land and ocean grabbing

by Luca Catalano Gonzaga

The photographic project “Land and ocean grabbing” underlines and highlights the indispensable relationship between peoples and their lands and their seas. A fundamental balance, necessary for the survival of entire populations, even in the continuous evolution of humanity. A strong reference to important reflections concerning both civil society and that of governments and companies.

Witness Image Association, through the project “Land and ocean grabbing“, wants to testify our era in which entire populations are exploited and deprived of their fundamental rights, where our planet remains divided in a world sick of excess and a slave of need.

In developing countries, particularly in Africa, the question of workers’ survival conditions is one of the most pressing and dramatic ones. Wherever there is poverty there are also unscrupulous companies that take advantage of the state of extreme poverty of the population, to appropriate arable land and marine resources, often with the more or less explicit support of state bodies and corrupt local authorities.

The photographic project “Land and ocean grabbing” stems from the urgent need to give voice to a number of African populations and aims to tell stories in which the exploitation and hoarding of the riches of our planet produce global effects: environmental pollution, inequalities, poverty and hunger.

The photographic project “Land and Ocean grabbing“, is entirely supported by The Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation.

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