Sea gives sea takes

by Luca Catalano Gonzaga

In the third millennium there are still men, women and children who rely on divine providence even before fate, on a small boat to cross the Mediterranean Sea.The migration issue is first and foremost a humanitarian tragedy.  In the media narrative of this new Odyssey, so current, given the multiple daily landings from the North African coast, what is missing most of the time is the soul of the story: its unveiling. What are the ups and downs, the anguish and deep passions that move these people? What happens in this sea that devours more and more human lives daily? And who brings them back to the surface? The project “Sea gives, sea takes” by Luca Catalano Gonzaga, only photographer in the world to have a chance to get on board all means used by the Italian Coast Guard (ships, helicopters, planes, patrol boats), tells with all its authenticity the drama of this migratory phenomenon that moves whole populations across the hemisphere, but especially highlights the different phases of the rescue at sea: from the sighting of the damaged boat, often crammed beyond belief, to the delicate approach phase to the final rescue (text by Sebastiano Caputo).

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