The story of Elly (on going)

by Luca Catalano Gonzaga

Eleonora, 30 years old and a stubborn desire to live. A different life, rare, unique for science. A difficult life, which Eleonora chose to turn into opportunities, where the slowness of tired steps allowed her to grasp the details, to welcome the wonder of little things. And it is from the details that one has to start if one thinks of her clinical history, because nothing in it follows the thread of what can be defined as certain, known and incontrovertible. A complex medical record, which weighs and reports the diagnosis of Hereditary Angioedema and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. A clinical record that over the years is filled and complicated, sometimes even contradicts itself. Co-morbidities that exist and coexist, minor syndromes. Illnesses and rarities to which Eleonora rebels, who struggles tirelessly, to whom she does not accept to bend to and who chooses to show the world why showing herself to the world is living for her. A world that has often betrayed. isolated and humiliated her, yet a world in which she doesn’t stop believing in. Eleonora has been writing for years now, a simple life but that overflows with love, and a strong belief, unshakable, sometimes severe but sincere. Animated by the desire to give the world new eyes, and driven by the belief that it is the right and duty of every human being to exist, she opens the doors of his world, chooses to show the intimate and true side of her life with the only hope of breaking down that wall of silence and fear that moves away and divides the world for those who are different. (text by Eleonora Caputo).