Life under the rubble

by Luca Catalano Gonzaga

A crossroad between Europe, Asia and Africa, millenarian and Mediterranean civilisations, Syria is back at the center of international debate because of a war that has gone on for more than five years. A crisis that started in the Spring of 2011, when the first peaceful demonstrations against the current president Bashar al Assad took place, and that, with the passage of time, have become a real armed rebellion that has de-stabilised an entire country because of an internal conflict which then extended to foreign countries and regional terrorist groups. In Syria, where once there was peace, war then prevailed, and only through war, unfortunately, an era of peace can begin once more. “Life under the rubble” is the photographic reportage by Luca Catalano Gonzaga who wants to describe, mercilessly, the wounds, the anguish, the hopes of a people battered by long, endless, fighting. There are those who pray, those who try to live in dignity, those who fight, those who suffer, those who came to a close brush with death, those who give themselves totally to serve others. War is brutal but also regenerative. No use crying over the corpses, what counts, looking into the face of the Syrians, is fighting for the future. (text by Sebatiano Caputo).