Public Healthcare in the time of Covid-19 “Phase two”

by Luca Catalano Gonzaga

Though COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing, looking to the next future, what is going to change in our healthcare management? What will be the clinical protocol to use until a vaccine or a decisive treatment will be available? Citizens and health carers in most of developed countries are facing the most sever pandemic of the century. The crisis triggered by Coronavirus is critically testing, on top of public healthcare efficacy and its accessibility, its very resilience. That is, the system ability to adapt effectively to an abrupt shock or to a sudden change. An essential feature to face an emergency that may continue for a long time and happen again in our future. These thoughts gave birth to the photographic project “Public Healthcare in the time of Coronavirus” by Luca Catalano Gonzaga aiming to tell how the rules of behaviour and protection when entering health facilities have changed, and emphasizing the importance of designing healthcare models able to adjust to the crisis. Photography is a universal language, its narration can involve public opinion profoundly, often more than words do, and it shows to the observer the most authentic soul of the extraordinary professionality and humanity from health carers in their daily relationship with patients, in a time when necessary social distance rules are making it more complex. Through the eye and the sensibility of Luca Catalano Gonzaga, the change occurred inside each single San Camillo Forlanini Hospital division, is told by its protagonists: doctors, nurses and auxiliaries.