Myanmar: time for souvenir photos

by Luca Catalano Gonzaga

Myanmar is undergoing incredible change and almost everyone seems to want it that way. The government is relaxing once rigid laws, freeing political prisoners, abolishing censorship, legalizing protests, opening up to foreign investment and tourism. Change in Myanmar seems “irreversible”. Every year in November as the full moon approaches , thousands of people from all the country gather in Taunggi for the colourful hot-air balloon Festival during which balloons lift fireworks or lanterns which illuminate the sky at night. These portraits have been taken as the Hot Air Ballon Festival  was just over. It is time for souvenir photos. Children in ceremonial dress line up for the opportunity to be photographed as their heroes and idols. Myanmar seems to be a country happy to be embracing modernity while proudly  maintaining their ancient traditions. If such rapid change continues in the future the new generation will finally experience human rights and liberty. (text by Luca Catalano Gonzaga).