The story of Alex – Chapter 4

by Luca Catalano Gonzaga

Summer has arrived for Alex too, although the hours spent on the beach, due to his rare illness, are to be timed closely.  One hour in the morning, one hour in the late afternoon, when the sun rays are not as strong. Doctors and paediatricians constantly advise on the precautions to be taken in anticipation of high temperatures to overcome the risks of heat stroke. Risks that exist only this season but that children like Alex are forced to live all year round. In the summer months however, his life is hanging on a very thin thread: the heat can really kill him. “It was the first time he entered into the sea water voluntarily, I’ll tell you more, he did not want to get out anymore” exclaims his mother Patrizia returning from their stay in Rimini with little Alex, a holiday made of sand dunes and fireworks at night.  “In him there was a desire for freedom.” And despite the excessive heat and a beach that is more or less crowded, the approach of the nine-year-old with the sea and the environment has been more than positive. Alex runs all over, wearing a vest, cap and sunglasses, he plays with his sister, he dives into the waves. “The morning was not as fun for him as the afternoon, there was less space, more noises, more sounds, and it takes him a lot of effort to concentrate because he follows my voice, moves autonomously but he takes into account what I say,” Patrizia explains.  (text by Sebastiano Caputo).

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