The story of Alex – Chapter 2

by Luca Catalano Gonzaga

Alex’s s story is not only lived within the hospital walls. Although suffering from a rare disease, he, like all children, faces a carefree everyday life built around the small joys of existence. Including a trip to the cinema with his family and a walk with his sister. So sun light can also be defeated by imagination. Alex loves superheroes and has been collecting them since he was a small child. In those difficult moments, where it is hard to understand the geometry of the world, it is they who bring it back to the top where happiness meets innocence. And it is with them that Alex faces yet another medical check-up or a surgical operation, whatever is dictated by the state of things. Not everyone would withstand this frenetic pace, at just eight years old, and yet Alex, thanks to the moral support of his parents, manages to pull off an explosive energy that has the power to transmit a light beam in this space made of shadows. (text by Sebastiano Caputo).

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