The story of Alex – Chapter 1

by Luca Catalano Gonzaga

Alex’s illness is not seen, but he sees it, his legs work, his arms also, but his eyes because of the ulcerated cornea , suffer from a very strong photophobia: a ray of sunshine can cause extreme pain so as to blind him at a given time. Also, he cannot sweat and when the temperature becomes too high, this can cause fainting or it may endanger his own life (coma, heart attack , heat stroke). This leads to a compromised everyday life made of medications, but mainly of hospital admissions. Alex cannot go to school like all other children and is forced to be followed by a support teacher . Also, an educator constantly follows his growth and is careful so the child’s eyes are not overly fatigued and his body temperature is suitable. But Alex is not alone. Right by his side is a cohesive family that never made their child feel different from the others. Just watch him play at the park, outdoors, together with his peers. Alex is relentless, and more often than not he is the last one to leave. (text by Sebastiano Caputo).

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