Donbass: The civil war

by Giorgio Bianchi

Tens of thousands between deaths and wounded, over a million refugees. The Donbass Civil war, in the eastern part of Ukraine, literally erased from the map dozens of cities and villages, becoming the theater of the first bloody conflict in Europe in the twentieth-first century. A strange destiny those of Russians and Ukrainians;  two populations that, until 1991, were part of the same country, the USSR. The Euro-Maidan riot of 2014, that led to the loss of power of President Viktor Yanukovych, later triggered a series of chain events that ended in the Donbass conflict. Despite the numerous cease-fires issued in Minsk, the war is still ongoing since September 2014. The deadliest conflicts are happening in the outskirts of Donetsk, just next to the international airport. The airport itself, under the jurisdictions of the rebellious troops since January 2015, set the stage for what was the last pro-Russians troops attack ending with the conquering of the critical railway connections of Debaltsevo. Since then the conflict became a wearing field battle; As it was during the First World War, attacks are preceded by long-lasting artillery fighting and in many cases the conclusion is an advance of few hundred meters. Since June 2016 the intensity of the fighting grew exponentially, especially in the area north east of Donetsk between the villages of Spartak, Adevka e Yasenavataya. It is calculated that every day during the summer, each contended exploded up to two thousand artillery shots along the front line. (text by Giorgio Bianchi).

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