Donbass stories

by Giorgio Bianchi

After five trips in Ukraine over the course of four years I thought I already documented anything important in that country starting from Euro-Maidan demonstrations up to the war in the Donbass, the mines region located in the eastern part of the country.
Since July 2016 very little changed in Ukraine in terms of strategic assets and their impact on civilians life.
With this in mind I started asking myself how I could keep working on my project in the long term, keeping telling the story of this territory, but without repeating what already covered in previous years.
This is how the project I entitled “Donbass Stories” came to life, with the idea to have as main characters those invisible actors affected so much by these tragic events.
The main objective of my work will be to tell the stories of the daily struggles these people are facing; I will try to document how these people are surviving the destruction of all certainties in a war that is disintegrating the communities and hence jeopardizing their future. (Text by Giorgio Bianchi).

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