Child labour/1

Katmandu, Nepal. At 7 a.m. YADHUY, 4 years old, has already started preparing the bricks about to be baked. Throughout much of the world, bricks are made by hand. In Asia, Latin America and Africa, children dig clay for bricks using shovels, picks and awls. After mixing the clay and water to the proper consistency, workers form bricks using small wooden molds. When the bricks are dry, barefoot workers load them on their backs or on top of their heads. Child workers carry large loads of bricks in hazardous conditions, often 12 hours a day. The International Labour Organization (ILO) has estimated that over 40% of Nepal’s children aged 5-14 were working in 2015 – 2.6 million in total. Nepal has an overall young population nd child labour is present in most areas of the national economy.


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