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This video was realized by the External Relations Office of the General Command of Port Captaincies – Coast Guard, and describes through real images the rescue activities of the Italian...

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Welcome to Witness Image

WITNESS IMAGE is a non-profit association founded in 2014 by Susanna Bucci, journalist, and Luca Catalano Gonzaga, photoreporter.
Its purpose is to share their view of the world in constant transformation and, with their choice of  images and words, engage those who believe that positive social change is achievable  collectively.

WITNESS IMAGE combines photoreportage and journalism as well as the will to intervene, contributing to the reflexion on human rights, on climate and biodiversity, on spirituality, on equity, in a society that is increasingly plural but tends to disregard solidarity.

WITNESS IMAGE believes that the language of humanitarian photography does not exhaust itself in the exposure of suffering but must also focus on the achievements, vital energy and hope of those who suffer.

WITNESS IMAGE is entirely financed by charitable foundations and companies.